ABC 60's Ireland

Welcome to "ABC 60's Ireland",a non-stop clutter-free internet radio station playing only sixties music ,both album and single chart music.We are here to bring you the music you want to hear 24/7 "Memories of a Life-Time".

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Non 60's Music see Legal

Station Notice

ABC 60's Ireland is now part of Radionomy Platform,over the next few week's we will be changing all link's to this 128kbs Stereo feed...If we miss one let us know at   Stay tuned for all your 60's music "Memories of a Life-Time" (Every hour Radionomy plays ad's (2*2 min's) in certain countries and when these play out side of these countries you will hear non-60's music .This is to cover royalties payments and is out side of ABC 60's Ireland control)

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To get app's for ABC 60's Ireland just go to your smart-phone store and download for FREE (Some ad's shown / Heard before app starts this is out of ABC 60s control) 

ABC Sixties Ireland